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Grant's Mission

This part of my ministry is dedicated to all families who have special needs children.  Here we make no distinction between what type of Special Needs your child has but rather we embrace every single label in the Special Needs category.

The reason Grant's Mission exists is to help other people's awareness of Special Needs Children.  We want there to be no boundaries between our children going to the grocery store and a non-special needs child going to the store.  Many of us with Special Needs children feel trapped into the social norm of society.  While I can certainly understand this, I can not condone my child being or any other special needs child being unable to participate in "normal" activities because of his inability at times to control the stimuli around him that affects his personality.

Grant's Mission is to bring awareness of these Special Needs kids, their unique needs and create a more wide spread understanding of them to the general population.  It is my goal to have a recognized symbol that represents the entire spectrum of Special Needs Children.  In creating this symbol and spreading the awareness of we can help keep our children safer, help make others aware of all different spectrums of Special Needs and allow children to go out in public more readily.

The parents and children can wear this identifying symbol so when the child is not acting in the "social norm" while out in public others can hopefully offer more grace then what is currently given to us all.  Also, if a child is somehow separated from their parents, caregiver or other responsible party, this can allow authorities to know that this child may need to be dealt with in other ways then they would normally deal with a child.

As I walk in the shoes of a Special Needs Parent, I can understand the level of pain, anguish, fear, stress and unique happiness that can accompany this role in life.  This part of my ministry is for you the parent, siblings, caregivers and other loved ones that have to take part in this exhausting but filling role in life.  I am here for you and pray for you daily.  This is not the life I dreamed of but it is the life that The Lord of my Soul dreamed of for me.  


Grant's Mission Website

Hi, this is my big brother Mason and I am Grant.  I am a Special Needs Kid and I am proud of it!  I have several special needs but I do not have one specific label or even a "Awareness Symbol".  I want to change that!  I want my parents, brother and other loved ones to be able to show their pride in me daily!  Everyday I take strides in learning to become a productive member of society despite my issues and diagnosis.

Sometimes I do not always act in the "social norm" of society.  Because I act out my mom and dad find it hard to take me places.  You see I can get way over-stimulated and because I always want my way, i sometimes act out in public.  My mom and dad have told me that spitting, hitting, yelling and saying mean things is not nice.  However, when I want my way, I don't always remember this.

Grant's Mission is about helping me to be more accepted in society (especially when I am acting out in public).  My mission also helps to spread the word about creating a Special Needs Symbol for ALL Special Kids, just like me!  My motto is, "Ask Me - All Special Kids Made Exceptional"!  Since all the people that love me think that I am Exceptional then I try hard to make sure I act that way.  However, if you see me or mommy in a store wearing my "Ask Me" shirt and I am not acting right, please know that I am a butterfly in the making!


Grant's Mission Donations and Volunteer Opportunities

My momma says that we need lots of help from all across the world if "Ask Me" is going to get global recognition. Her vision is to have my symbol become the symbol for all special needs kids!  Whew, that sure seems like a lot of work!  My mommy seems tired some days.  She says that if I need something, I need to ask nicely for it and not yell at her.  So, I am trying to ask this nicely and not yell at anyone.  Can you help my momma?

She says there are lots of opportunities to help spread the word about "Ask Me".  Can you help us?  Do you have a desitre to help me and my family spread the word about  If so, we can't wait to hear from you!  We believe that each person has a unique gift from God and with that you can help succeed!  If you do not feel you can give of your time right now, we are always accepting donations to help spread the word about the "Ask Me" vission.

All you need to do is go to my website and click on the Volunteer/Donation button.

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